Cork Gay Project appoints Michael O’Donnell as new Community Development Officer

Michael O’Donnell

Cork Gay Project are delighted to announce that they have just appointed Michael O’Donnell as their new Community Development Officer. 

Michael had this to say about his appointment:

“I am delighted to be working so closely with the LGBTQI+ community in the role of community development officer. I have always been passionate about issues of social justice, equality and community building, and this role presents me with a unique opportunity to contribute to the building of a fairer society.

Much has been achieved through the hard work of previous generations of gay rights activists, community workers, filmmakers, writers, politicians and many more. We now find ourselves in the hard won position of being more legislatively equal to our heterosexual counterparts in terms of marriage equality and the right to choose our gender identity under Irish law. It is from this position that, in many ways, yet more work now begins, aimed at addressing some of the fundamental issues being faced by the LGBTQI community, many hidden just beneath the surface.

Statistics surrounding mental health in the LGBTQI+ community are sobering – particularly for our LGBTQI+ youth. In addition, disproportionately high levels of addiction and rising HIV rates in Ireland are a key challenge faced by our community today. We have come a long way. But there is much left to do.

Yet, there is great cause for celebration. The overwhelming positivity surrounding pride 2018 in Cork and the Gay Games in Paris, just as I begin this journey, is heartening. I am looking forward to contributing to making Ireland one of the greatest countries in the world to be an LGBTQI+ citizen.

If you have any ideas for the project or thoughts on how it can be improved you can contact:

Cork Gay Project would like to wish Michael all the best in his new role!

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