Video: Fox & Bones – Little Animal

On our EILE music slot this morning, we have a treat in store for you!

If you would like to hear an upbeat, feelgood, fun-filled, song to start your Saturday morning, you only have to listen to Fox & Bones, and watch their playful video for the track, Little Animal. Oh, and if you like dogs, then that’s a bonus! Some very poetic lyrics here too:

“Well the nights, they eventually turn to mornings
And the mornings get written into songs
And those songs, they merge into a medley
That tells the story of the journey that we’re on”

Portland, Oregon based Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore are Fox & Bones, at least those are the characters they play when they’re in performing mode. Fox is a down-and-out girl who falls for Bones an “orphan bad boy with a heart of gold”. Their adventures start when they hit the road, “and never look back”. Kind of what we’d all like to do at some point in our lives! Enjoy!


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