Video: Raye Zaragoza – American Dream

This morning on EILE’s music slot, we feature a single from acclaimed US multi-ethnic (Native American (O’odham), Mexican, Taiwanese and Japanese) singer/songwriter, Raye Zaragoza, entitled ‘American Dream’. The video was inspired by Donald Trump’s destructive presidency, the lack of mainstream media for Standing Rock (Dakota Access Pipeline) and Raye Zaragoza’s own life as a female multi-cultural youth, which deeply informs her music.

In one of the most beautiful protest-style songs I’ve heard in a long time, Raye plays folk-style acoustic guitar while her powerful voice sings that “hate can’t be the face of the American dream”, as she listens to the news every day, and the hateful words that are broadcast over scenes of war and violence. She also tells of her great-grandmother, who was forced into a boarding school to be raised by a European woman, separated from her parents and siblings.

Raye says:

“Her story haunts me, because so many people don’t realize the awful things that have happened in this country just within the past 100 years. The only way to move forward is to acknowledge that ‘change is a choice that can start with you”.

An insightful song that stays in your heart long after the melody is over.


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