Only 6 Days Left – Crowdfunding For New Album by Irish singer Liv Monaghan – Under A Bruised Parisian Sky

There are only 6 days left to support, and/or pre-order Irish singer/songwriter and EILE favourite Liv Monaghan’s new album, Under a Bruised Parisian Sky, which is her first full-length album, on the CrowdFunding platform, KissKissBankBank. 

“This is my first full-length album, after my first original EP, Beauty in the Park. There are eight songs on the album, which were whittled down from many more to fit into just one full day of recording at Aeronef studios in Paris”, says Liv.

The highly original, and mesmerising track, Passion Fruit Moons (above) was written and finalised about four weeks before they went into the studio this Summer.

Liv has included a great set of rewards for those who contribute, and is grateful for even the smallest donation.

Some of the rewards for contributing include:

For €10 and more – A download of 4 songs from the album, and a thank you on Social Media

For €15 and more – Digital Download of the Album

For €20 and more – Digital download of Album + Instagram cover dedication clip

and lots more, including corporate rewards for any business that supports her, concert tickets, and invites to the release party, but you can also donate as little as €1 to help Liv release the album.
Liv says:
“If you’d like to be part of this, I would be so grateful. There are a lot of nice rewards to choose from and anything from €1 is happily accepted! It’s also a chance to pre-order the album”.
You can find out more about Liv and her new album (and contribute if you can) by clicking on the link to the Kisskissbankbank crowd-funding site below:
Or follow Liv on Facebook and Twitter at:

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