Video: Set Me On Fire – The West Coast Feed

One of EILE’s all-time favourite bands, Seattle WA-based The West Coast Feed, have recently released their uplifting and feel-good single, Set Me On Fire.

A track about overcoming life’s difficulties, and based on true-life struggles that the band worked to overcome and turn around, Set Me On Fire will inspire those who may be feeling down, and helps you to see that after one of life’s downs, there is usually a bounce-back moment.

Lead singer, Jesse Butterworth, had one big crushing down period, when, during the middle of a sold-out show in LA, he leaped off the drum riser, injuring himself with a compound leg fracture, which meant the abrupt end of his dreams, or so he thought. However, Jesse did not let that stop him. He and Matt Woll went on to found The West Coast Feed, and Set Me On Fire is how they documented their story of disappointment and then their triumphant return to the spotlight.

“I found myself in a total funk and felt like the fire inside me went out. Years later, I started writing Set Me On Fire as a plea to ignite something new inside of me” explained Jesse. “We called up the best players that we knew” and over a two-month period there would be a new member each week, expanding from two members to their current eight-man lineup.

Listen to Set Me On Fire and see what you think!


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