Video: Philip La Rosa – Drowning – (World Mental Health Day)


EILE is delighted to feature the latest great video and atmospheric single from Fremantle-based, pop singer-songwriter, and LGBTQ advocate, Philip La Rosa, in our music slot this morning.

Philip’s poignant balladic track, Drowning, with a great keyboard-based instrumental and powerful vocal, underpinned with easy slow beats, is released today, October 10th, to coincide with World Mental Health Day. (Did I mention great lyrics?)The beautiful and emotive track is dedicated to those affected by depression and anxiety, and to bring attention to mental health issues. It is an “evocative message that lets listeners know they are not alone”.

After releasing his passionate anthem, Pride, (“I don’t wanna have to hide, I just wanna show my Pride”) in 2016, a track about embracing your identity, Philip (who started singing and dancing when he was 10 years old) has made it his mission to use his voice for those who cannot use their own.

With a passionate message to stay true to yourself, PRIDE is a personal song for Philip, who has always loved music but was put off from pursuing his dream as a teenager when his journey was touched by bullying, fear and intolerance“.

In early 2016, Philip also collaborated with local Perth producer, WasteLand, to launch a new spin on PRIDE as a free digital release on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

It was while studying at John Curtin College of the Arts in Fremantle, that Philip felt the effect of bullying really bite, and dropped out. Later, he felt a strong desire to share his story, and at the same time use his music to shine a light on depression in the youth and LGBTI communities. STRONG was the result.

The release of the above new track, Drowning, shows more of the promise to come, and Philip has a new album coming out in early 2019, which we at EILE can’t wait to hear!

(We’ll hear a bit more of Philip’s story in our upcoming issue of EILE Magazine for September/October!).


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