Jared Dylan: World Premiere of ‘Consequence’ – Tower Records Fri 19 Oct & Live Performance East Side Tavern Sat 20 Oct

The world premiere of the animated short film, Consequence, plus soundtrack, is being presented on Friday 19th October at Tower Records, by Aiken Promotions, featuring the single, Can’t Stop (John Gibbons remix) and a soundtrack of new Jared Dylan music. 

Plus a live performance by JARED DYLAN, JAMES WALSH & RYAN O’SHAUGHNESSY on 20th October, at East Side Tavern.

Consequence is a cross-over between Jared Dylan and pulp fiction graphic novel, The Beach Chronicles – a popular underground animated comic-book and podcast series, based out of South Beach Miami (think Blade Runner meets Miami Vice).

It features voiceovers by Jared Dylan, KT Tunstall, Donovan, Kenney Jones (The Who, The Faces), Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters), Ran Pink, Paddy Casey, Jimmy Jean Louis (Heroes [NBC], Claws [TNT]), James Walsh (Starsailor), Ky-Mani Marley, Neville Staple (The Specials), KemoThe Blaxican (Delinquent Habits) and more… Soundtrack and score by Jared Dylan.

In Consequence, Jared’s alter-ego and anti-hero, Kid Dylan, battles with an internal conflict over good vs evil; questioning authority and rule as he sets out on a series of James Bond like missions, seeking hidden clues to lost treasures, and the truth about his missing parents. Along the way Kid Dylan must fight, drive, and fly his way to truth and true love.

Like the animated films, Yellow Submarine and Heavy Metal, Consequence takes us through a musical odyssey, where our hero, or better yet anti-hero, Kid Dylan, the alter-ego of musician, Jared Dylan, grapples with love, life, loss, and adventure, as he finds himself on a journey to find a lost artifact, and himself.

Kid Dylan enters the world of the underground cult-hit, The Beach Chronicles, with a voyage that takes us through a melodic discovery of the wide range of musical tastes Jared Dylan offers in his concept album, Consequence.

Aiken Promotions also presents a movie and soundtrack Release Party, with live performancees by Jared Dylan, James Walsh, and Ryan O’Shaughnessy at East Side Tavern, Dublin, Saturday, 20 October 2018

Tickets €12.00 inclusive of booking fee – now at Ticketmaster.

VIP tickets with private meet and greet are also available via the Jared Dylan website:


The Can’t Stop (John Gibbons) remix is the first single off the Consequence soundtrack, and has already generated over 300,000 Spotify streams, and 170,00 YouTube views of the lyric video.

If you would like more information about Jared Dylan, go to: 




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