Australia: Equality Campaign – Anti-LGBT School Discrimination

The Equality Campaign in Australia have written to us about the situation regarding discrimination that is happening in schools against LGBT pupils and teachers. They state:

“Two weeks ago we learned the Government was open to allowing schools to continue to turn away LGBTQ students and teachers.

Within 48 hours this community had submitted 900 stories, sharing [..] experiences of school-based discrimination. [They] told us about the hurt and distress [..] families had experienced at religious schools that allow discrimination, and how important [..] it is for our laws to make sure everyone is safe”.

They ask that Australian people write to their MPs.

“We took your voice straight to Canberra, sharing your powerful contributions with parliamentarians to make sure they heard directly from people impacted by these unfair laws.

The broader public was unquestionably on our side. Because of this public outcry, Prime Minister Morrison committed to removing discrimination against kids in schools ‘as soon as practicable’.

But since then, they have faltered. We need to hold the Government to their promise. And we need to make sure teachers are protected as well.

The Government could have proposed a simple law change to remove the loopholes that allow schools to discriminate against kids. But a leaked copy of the Government’s bill revealed it didn’t do this simple job. The leaked Bill includes extra provisions that allow religious schools to still get away with discrimination against students!”.

We need [people] to tell [their] local MP that [they] want the Government to deliver on its promise — to remove the ‘exemptions’ from discrimination law that applies different rules for religious schools.  

“Whether its students or teachers, all schools should have the same rules, especially when they are publicly funded by taxpayer money.

This is about equality. No exceptions”.

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