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We have a real treat for you this afternoon! On EILE’s music slot, we feature the very versatile dance/pop, rock, neo-soul, and electro-funk LA-based artist, STF  (pronounced ‘Stef’) who has just released his latest amazing single, Lookalike. Breathy at first, then underpinned by subtle beats, Lookalike becomes a danceable track outlining the shock you get when you realise your ex has replaced you with another version of – You

The rich, controlled vocal, over an initially pared-back instrumental and ballad-like lyric, all set up the atmosphere for the track, keeping you listening, and wanting more. Citing Prince and Michael Jackson as his main influences, SFT brings an originality and freshness to the fusion of genres, and his performance is that of one born to the craft. About the single, STF says the theme of the song is something that actually happened to him:
“After my last relationship ended, I went to my ex’s Facebook page and found out that she was already dating somebody new, and this guy was basically my doppelganger — same haircut, same facial hair and style….”
Produced by Duddy Brown, Lookalike needs to be listened to, maybe late at night when you’re thinking of your own past loves, and wondering who replaced you in their lives. Enjoy!
You can catch up with STF on:
STF is also our cover for EILE Magazine Sept/Oct edition (see previous post) where you can find out more about him. The link is also below:

Photo: Andre LaDon

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