BeLonG To: Better Out Than In! – New LGBT mental health campaign

BeLonG To have a very important message for those who are struggling with mental health issues in the LGBT community, and they’ve included two videos from their new campaign, Better Out Than In, featuring James Mitchell and Jamie O’Herlihy telling their coming out stories to help others:

“When worries and fears have nowhere to go, they bounce around inside your head, and get amplified more until they become larger than life. It’s when you share these thoughts that you realise they are far ‘Better Out Than In’.

Once we learned that 80% of LGBTI+ youth are afraid to reach out for help, when struggling with their mental health, the necessity of our new campaign ‘Better Out Than In’ became apparent.

We know that anxiety and depression can form part of the LGBTI+ youth experience, and we want to send a message to LGBTI+ youth that this doesn’t mean they just have to accept it and struggle alone.

This campaign, in partnership with Bank of Ireland, highlights that taking the brave step of opening up to someone you trust about your worries and fears is worth it. 

We have teamed up with some Ireland’s most influential LGBTI+YouTube stars, such as James Mitchell and Jamie O’Herlihy. Check out their powerful videos, where they share their mental health stories, in the hope that they can inspire other youths to open up.

We have created an online hub to direct LGBTI+ youth to a range of free, confidential support services. 

With this campaign, we’re raising awareness that getting help is not something to be feared, it is life-saving and life-affirming, and driving home a vital message – that life opens up when they do”.

‘BeLong To’ ask that you share this campaign with your friends and family on social media, to encourage others to come out to a loved one or trusted friend.

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