Take A Stand For LGBTI+ Youth – Stand Up Awareness Week – Nov 12-16

Stand Up Awareness Week takes place from November 12th-16th, and BeLonG To would love you to join them for Ireland’s largest anti-LGBTI+ bullying campaign.


Visit their website to download a Free Resource Pack brimming with Stand Up activity ideas, a primer on LGBTI+ terminology, and information about supporting trans youth.

This year’s pack also includes posters for your Youth Service to show that the space is LGBTI+ inclusive.


There are also lots of LGBTI+ videos available for you to share with young people if you are running a youth service. These include a series of videos that trans youth created, to explain what being transgender means, how you can be an ally, and what coming out as trans is like.

Join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #StandUp18, and tag BeLonG To on Facebook @belongtoyouthservices, to show what amazing activities you are carrying out to celebrate Stand Up Awareness Week 2018.

Join them, and take a stand for LGBTI+ youth. 

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