Happy Stand Up Awareness Week!

During this week, students, teachers, and school communities across Ireland will take a stand against the anti-LGBTI+ bullying, harassment, and name-calling that silences many students.  

Recent research highlights the harrowing effects of anti-LGBTI+ bullying on the mental health of LGBTI+ youth. A huge 76% of LGBTI+ young people surveyed disclosed that anti-LGBTI+ bullying is a major source of anxiety in their lives. 

Spread the Word 

If you have friends or family members who are teachers or students at second-level schools, encourage them to take part! 

Download the free Stand Up Awareness Week Pack today. This includes a Resource Booklet packed with activity ideas; tips on supporting transgender students; and a poster to let students know that their school is LGBTI+ friendly. 

Share BeLonG To’s Facebook posts and Tweets during Stand Up Awareness Week, and help raise awareness about this important issue.  

Growing up LGBTI+ doesn’t need to be painful and challenging. With your help, Ireland can be a place where LGBTI+ youth feel accepted and equal.  


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