‘Cher Upon A Midnight Clear’ from FourCats Press

How do adults know when something is for boys and when it’s for girls? Who tells them so? Where do they learn it? For eight-year-old Luca, it’s a mystery, but if he can’t convince his parents to give him the white ice-skates he has his heart set on, Christmas is going to be ruined. Who does a child turn to when he can’t even count on Santa Claus?

When Santa keeps bringing eight-year-old Luca the wrong toys, Luca takes matters into his own hands. He’s seen Cher on TV – and he definitely ‘believes’. He’ll write to her instead!

Can Cher save Luca’s Christmas? Will she help his parents get over their rigid notions of what’s ‘appropriate’ for boys?

This sweet, charming story (aimed at adults but completely appropriate for children) is for all those who wish there had been a little more gender flexibility in their own childhoods – and who hope kids today will grow up differently.

FourCats Press, a small, indie publishing company, was founded in 2013. To support them, you could give the gift of Cher Upon A Midnight Clear this holiday season, or consider one of their other books.

FourCats Press books are alternative-press books, but they’re real books and they’re worthy books. They’re edited and designed with as much (probably more) love and personal attention than books ever get at mainstream houses.

Titles are available from IndieBound, from that online bookseller everyone loves to hate, on order from your local bookseller – or, at a discount, from FourCats Press.com

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