Statement: International Gay Rugby denounce homophobic attack on rugby star Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas after homophobic attack – Image: Twitter

International Gay Rugby (IGR) stands shoulder to shoulder with Gareth Thomas in condemning the homophobic attacks that he was subject to on Saturday evening in Cardiff, following Wales’ 74 – 24 win over Tonga.

The IGR community offers their full support and a speedy recovery to Gareth who first came out as being gay in 2009.

Speaking on the attacks, IGR Chair Ben Owen said:

“To us Gareth is a hero, one of the few brave enough in men’s rugby to stand up and be open about who he is.

But it shouldn’t be that way, it shouldn’t take bravery to be who you are or to go out for a few pints to celebrate your team winning.

Hate crimes have no place in 21st century Britain and have no place in our sport, on or off the pitch.

Luckily the actions of these sick few are not representative of the many in the rugby community.

International Gay Rugby will continue to work at a grassroots level, with national unions and with World Rugby to make sure rugby remains a sport for all – a sport that says no the intolerance and bigotry that was seen in Cardiff on Saturday night.”

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