Federation of Gay Games: Give the Gift of FGG Scholarship

That’s why Kevin, and millions of LGBT+ athletes and artists just like him, mean the world to the Federation of Gay Games.  

Before receiving a scholarship to attend Gay Games 10 | Paris 2018, Kevin could only imagine a place where people from every corner of the world came together by the thousands, to celebrate the true spirit of ‘All Equal’, the slogan adopted by Paris 2018 organizers.

An FGG Scholarship made it possible for Kevin to experience, for the first time, a world where everyone is equal, and take those empowering and life-changing memories home, to bring change to his own community.

Kevin took part in the 200m and the 5km races at Gay Games 10.

You can listen to Kevin express, in his own words, how the Gay Games has impacted him, in the video below:

Kevin didn’t have to imagine the Gay Games, because donors like you made it possible for him to experience Gay Games 10 – Paris 2018 first hand.

As the FGG look ahead to the first-ever Gay Games held in Asia, Gay Games 11 – Hong Kong 2022, with a goal of sending more scholarship recipients like Kevin than ever before to the Gay Games, they’re asking all members of their global community of supporters to make a donation to the Federation of Gay Games this giving season.

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