Cork: Celebrate body positivity at Quarter Block Party, 8-10 February

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Quarter Block Party is set to inject colour, energy, and life into Cork city, from Friday 8th February to Sunday 10th February, with over 130 of the freshest high-calibre artists in theatre, music, and dance, performing in the city’s venues, bars, and outdoor spaces.

For their fifth edition, the festival is putting the body front and centre this year, and celebrating the theme, Body Positivity, through dance and theatre.

Curator of the festival’s Live Art programme, choreographer, Ruairí O’Donovan, says:

This year we are all about bodies, bodies, bodies! Explore the festival’s Live Art programme and join us for a celebration of flesh, welcoming the new, the political, and the sometimes overlooked, in a celebration of everything that makes us bold and beautiful”.

The critically-acclaimed TimeOut Performer of the Year, SCOTTEE, is guaranteed to bring the house down at The Firkin Crane, with his show, Fat Blokes.

In his own words Fat Blokes is ‘about flab, double chins and getting your kit off in public’, uncovering why fat men are never portrayed as sexy, but always as funny, always the ‘before’ but never the ‘after’ shot.

Made in collaboration with renowned choreographer, Lea Anderson, and several plus-sized male performers, including Scottee, all of whom are new to dance, this contemporary dance is a form of ‘fat rebellion’.

Bringing west coast coolness from Portland and San Francisco festival hit Allie Hankins returns with Rachael Dichter in WHEN WE, disarmingly acerbic wit and the height of radical feminist performance.

Set in an austere world characterized by coded language, penetrating focus, and biting humour, Allie and Rachael skilfully utilise the expansive and charged moments between events, to slowly reveal a world where tension is currency, mischief is sustenance, and surreality is a given.

Quarter Block Party partner with CREATE to welcome GENDER.RIP as the festival’s Artists in Residence. Their Fully Automated Gender Luxury Oasis will provide a free pop-up chill-out space for all things TRANS, and gender-hacked, so festival audiences can drop in for some decadent, ultra-pop respite between gigs and shows.

Local Heroes LORDS OF STRUT make a welcome return with a brand new show DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA. After storming Tony’s Bistro at the festival two years ago, the show, taking place at Firkin Crane, celebrates a sparkling 10 years of Strut, A Mythical Memoir of Dance & Destiny.

And top off your weekend by letting your bodies get loose at BEATS AND SWEAT, a new commission of Spanish choreographer Esther Rodriguez-Barbero in collaboration with Stevie G, responding to the now derelict site of the legendary Sir Henry’s nightclub on South Main Street, developed with support from Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) and Common Ground.

Taking place at Dali nightclub on Carey’s Lane, this performative environment will be built from stories that remain, stories that travel in time. It is about getting there, the path that people used to follow, to Sir Henry’s, to the club.

And that’s not all, Quarter Block Party, presented by Makeshift Ensemble and Southern Hospitality Board, will also feature an exciting diverse range of live music and community events, including the finest musical acts like Hilary Woods, Le Boom, Junior Brother, Anna Mieke, Kneecap, and Shookrah.

More than 50 events over 3 days, featuring over 130 artists

Various Venues across Cork City

Friday 8th – Sunday 10th February 2019

Bundle Pass (3 show pass) €25 / Super Bundle Pass (6 show pass) €50

All other shows individually priced

Early booking is advised for this jam-packed weekend! Bundle Pass (3 show pass) €25, Super Bundle Pass (6 show pass) €50, and individual show tickets are available from:

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