Little Gem Band + N.Sphynx & Damien Lennon – Sat. 26th

This Saturday January 26

Outer space introspective dance music and verse

Little gem records presents  :
Little Gem Band + Special Guests Live at Anseo
Cosmic wanderers Little Gem Band return to Dublin for a weekend of fun resonance.
Expect extended space exploration through the medium of rhythm, music and noise.
Debut album Freenix 2 available now, go to:

New album forecast for spring 2019.

Special guest N.Sphynx lands in from Tralfamadore to perform presage ballads of destiny.

Philosophical articulator Damien Lennon (¡NO) reads minimalist, extremely brief and probably experimental new material.

Door tax is a mere 5 and there will be music and film projection for all.

Saturday January 26 2019
Doors 8pm
Anseo, Camden street, Dublin 2

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