Video: Tim Bluhm – Where I Parked My Mind


Singer-songwriter, Tim Bluhm, is set to release his new full-length solo album, Sorta Surviving, on March 29, 2019. A gentle departure from his usual California-Soul sound of the Mother Hips, Sorta Surviving finds Bluhm living out his classic country musical dreams.

Bluhm is no newcomer when it comes to country’s heralded greats. Tim discovered Merle Haggard around the same time he co-founded The Mother Hips, a band that Rick Rubin signed to American Records on the strength of their debut album. Their then new label-mate was one of the most legendary of them all.

“When we signed with American, the label had just put out Johnny Cash’s first Rick Rubin-produced album, which was actually recorded at the Cash Cabin”, says Bluhm.

A few songs in, listeners will have an immediate grasp on what this album is all about; not just old-school country music, but also a collection of sometimes humorous narratives, painting vivid pictures of each song’s characters, whether it be the dustbowl farmers, oilmen, fugitive outlaws or travelling singers.

Relax and have a listen, we think you’ll enjoy Tim Bluhm’s humorous take on life in Where I Parked My Mind!

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