ZEROPUNKT (formerly ¡NO!) new release – relaunch CONCRETE SOUP – Open Ear 2019

Free psychedelic improvisers formerly known as ¡NO! have changed their name to ZEROPUNKT, and to mark the occasion they have issued a new single entitled Bitch Nails, available as a free download at:
The single is a standalone precursor to two forthcoming studio LPs, Clap Your Hands Say No and Open War, scheduled for release in 2019 and 2020 respectively.
ZEROPUNKT (formerly ¡NO!) are free psychedelic spontaneous composers based in Dublin. They have released 10 albums since 2014. Of their Sediments LP, All About Jazz states the following:

“Reviewing Miles Davis ‘In A Silent Way … Lester Bangs opined … : “It is part of a transcendental new music which flushes categories away and, while using musical devices from all styles and cultures, is defined mainly by its deep emotion and unaffected originality”- a summation that could serve just as well for Sediments … [which] may yet prove to be just as timeless”.
Bitch Nails was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jack Glacken at Sonic Studios, Dublin, and exemplifies the group’s more atmospheric side, which they categorize neologically as ‘disutopian’. The band also announce the return of their CONCRETE SOUP collaborative series, with four concerts featuring very special international and national guests slotted over 2019 and early 2020. Further details are forthcoming.
The same line-up and ethos persists (Fergus Cullen: saxophones, guitars, voice, keys, synthesizer, clarinet, piano, flutes; Jamie Davis: drums, percussion, saxophone; Damien Lennon: bass, effects). Regarding the new name, the characteristically oblique group have issued the following statement:
The 0ught of N0ught is the point of zer0. NO. N. 0. The zer0 Number. The p0iNt. Zeropunkt.

ZEROPUNKT will play the opening night of 2019’s Open Ear Festival on Sherkin Island (Thursday 30th of May). 

You can watch Zeropunct below:


For more information on Zeropunkt, go to:

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