Video: Irish gay singer-songwriter Jack Rua’s debut single – Scarlet A


Here at EILE, we have a real treat for you this morning! Irish gay singer-songwriter, Jack Rua, has just released his tantalising new single, Scarlet A, an upbeat, dance-pop track with a throbbing opening bass-line, that will have you singing along and dancing around the kitchen within seconds! A Dublin native, Jack is heavily influenced by glam, dance, and theatre (having previously performed as Jackal in Vicar Street, Whelan’s and NYC), and all of these elements come together in this exciting debut single, with a video whose undertones are reminiscent of Christine & The Queens and Perfume Genius.

Jack’s musical influences include David Bowie and Lady Gaga, two other highly theatrical acts, which will give you some idea of what you can expect from Jack’s music and performance on this provocative, seductive track, which questions the nature of attraction and monogamy, in a world of superficial and fleeting experiences. Enjoy!


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