Live Collision Arts Festival Announces Programme – Project Arts Centre 24-27 April

Live Collision International Festival announces its 2019 programme, which takes over the Project Arts Centre, Dublin, 24-27 April

This leading live art festival will present 38+ groundbreaking artists from across Europe, the UK, and Ireland, and host 15 premieres over 4 days

Highlights include the highly acclaimed UK theatre pieces, Cock and Bull by Nic Green, and Nightclubbing by Rachael Young, a new installation piece by Irish-based artists, Lee Welch and Liliane Puthod, with Berlin Opticians Gallery, and Admin, a work-in-progress with one of Ireland’s most promising new voices, Oisín McKenna

2019 marks the festival’s 10th edition since its conception by Dublin festival director and arts producer, Lynette Moran.

Live Collision International Festival (LCIF2019), Ireland’s leading live art festival, announces today its exceptional programme of daring new theatre, dance, music, art, installations, activism and parties which will take over Project Arts Centre in Dublin from 24 until 27 April 2019.  

Exploring diverse themes such as class, race, capitalism, Irish diaspora, political rhetoric, migration, feminism and displacement, the 2019 programme contains 18 eclectic events including 15 Irish Premieres and 2 World Premieres by 38+ groundbreaking artists from across Europe, the UK and Ireland. 

Lynnette Moran, Festival Director of Live Collision International Festival says, 

“2019 marks the 10th edition of the festival and I am immensely proud of how it has grown from very simple beginnings to the platform it is today.  

In 2009 I returned to Dublin after living in London for a number of years, and I was keen to find my place in the hometown that I was, in effect, culturally estranged from.  I created Live Collision as a way to build a meaningful community around art form, aesthetic and the politic of Live Art in Ireland whilst still working with my established networks of artists, producers and presenters across the UK and Europe.  The festival is the public moment whereby artists and audiences come into proximity and dialogue. It’s been such a privilege to generate a collective space for Live Art in Ireland and to create a dynamic and experimental space in my home city for artists from across the world to meet, work and flourish.  

I have a huge respect for our loyal audiences who are open-minded, trusting and inquisitive and have continued to grow with us on this journey.  Like any 10 year old, this is just the start but we are running at the future with boundless energy and excitement!”

This unique 4 day event will showcase artists of exceptional calibre – from seminal international artists making groundbreaking work across the globe, to Ireland’s most exciting new voices and next-generation of performance makers. 

Festival highlights include; the Opening Event No Feeling Is Final, created in partnership with Dublin’s newest contemporary Art Gallery, Berlin Opticians Gallery.  No Feeling Is Final is an interdisciplinary piece using two new paintings by Lee Welch, created especially for LCIF2019, and existing sculptural artworks by Liliane Puthod, to make an exciting installation space which Lee Welch will perform within. 

UK-based artist, Rachael Young, and her badass band of superhumans weave together Afrofuturism, and the cult of Grace Jones, in NIGHTCLUBBING.  This explosive new performance piece will bring visceral live music and intergalactic visions to start a revolution in Dublin.  

ADMIN, by Irish artist Oisín McKenna, will explore the relationship between class, capitalism and health, shared from the perspective of being an ex-pat living in London.  This work-in-progress is about being poor, precarious and lonely, and adding items to your Watched List on eBay in the hopes of feeling better.*

Cock and Bull, is a highly acclaimed theatre piece by Nic Green, originally conceived for the eve of the 2015 UK General Election.  3 females will convene to perform their own, alternative, party conference.  Responding to the meaninglessness and repetition of empty political promise, the privilege of the governmental elite and the deep discontent of an increasingly disproportionate and divided society, this work is part protest, part catharsis, part exorcism.  

2019 marks the 10th edition of Live Collision International Festival.  Started in 2009 by Dublin artist, Lynnette Moran, and with the support of the Jerwood Arts Foundation, the Festival has quickly evolved from an experimental grassroots programme into being Ireland’s leading live arts festival and industry trailblazer.  

The Festival only curates work that has never been presented in Ireland before, and deliberately embraces interdisciplinary and intergenerational work, to create relevant and vibrant spaces for artists and audiences to engage and strike conversations around politics, provocations, and experiences.

Live Collision also produces the work of Amanda Coogan, Lisa McLoughlin, and Athletes of the Heart, and previous artists include Jesse Jones.  

Lynnette Moran is an independent Arts Producer & Festival Director specialising in Live Art, Theatre, Visual Art and Digital platforms; with distinct experience of producing collaborative & socially engaged arts practice & public art commissions.  She began her career in London, cutting her teeth with some of the UK’s leading arts organisations including LIFT (London) and BAC (Battersea Arts Centre).  Lynnette established Live Collision in 2009 and it is now Ireland’s leading annual curated festival of Live Art, as well as being Ireland’s first independent Creative Producing House.  Lynnette is also Creative Producer with ANU production (since 2013).  She holds a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art, and an MA in Performance Art from Goldsmiths College, London. 


Live Collision International Festival

24 – 27 April 2019

Festival Hub, Project Arts Centre, 39 Essex St E, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, D02 RD45

Tickets go on sale on Wednesday 20 March: / 

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Prices vary (Free – €16) – see websites for details


DAY #1 

Wednesday 24th April

World Premiere | Visual Art Installation with live performance | Opening event Opening event

Live Collision & Berlin Opticians Gallery partnership

Lee Welch (IRE/USA)

No Feeling Is Final




Running Time 2.5hrs

Age Recommendation – all welcome

Live Collision has partnered with Berlin Opticians Gallery (Dublin) to co-present this one off event.

We discover that we do not know our role; we look for a mirror; we want to remove our make-up and take off what is false and real.  But somewhere a piece of disguise that we forgot still sticks to us.  A trace of exaggeration remains in our eyebrows; we do not notice that the corners of our mouth are bent.  And so we walk around, a mockery and a mere half: neither having achieved being nor actors. – Poet, Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926)

No Feeling Is Final is an interdisciplinary experiment inclusive of two new paintings by Lee Welch created for LCIF2019, and existing sculptural artworks by Liliane Puthod. Live performance led by Lee Welch will be included. 


DAY #2 

Thursday 25th April

World Premiere | Interdisciplinary Dance | Durational Work

Co-commissioned by Live Collision

Lisa McLoughlin (IRE)

*The Kindness of Strangers



Free (book in advance)

30mins (a durational performance will happen in a public Dublin space with final 30min at Cube)

Age Recommendation – all welcome



A film screening of The Kindness of Strangers will be shown in the Foyer from 25-27 April 

A post-show talk will take place on 25 April in the Project Bar

A workshop based on the equation of dependency as co-devised by Artist Lisa McLoughlin and mathematician Professor John McLoughlin will be available. 

I place myself at the mercy of the kindness of strangers and seek to find balance on the spreadsheet of my life – Lisa McLoughlin 

An exciting collaboration between dancer & performer Lisa McLoughlin and mathematician Professor John McLoughlin, creating an equation of care and dependency exploring our interdependence as a species.  This work is the culmination of four site specific durational performances across Limerick, Galway, Belfast and Cork.  The final event will be a unique, immersive experience especially for the Festival.

The kindness of strangers, looks to explore the mathematical equation of dependency in collaboration with Maths Professor John McLoughlin.  As an artist, a mother, a carer, spouse, daughter and member of a rural community, I carry the weight of my three children, ageing parents and depend heavily on those around me to help me carry my responsibilities.  This is the lived equation of dependency and care.  This equation is usually gendered and heavily relies on women to carry this burden.  I bring this equation back into my body, the body that does this work and ask for the help I need to carry this weight and place myself at the mercy of “the kindness of strangers.  – Lisa McLoughlin


Irish Premiere |Live Performance/Theatre/Dance with live afro-futurist band

Rachael Young (UK)




€16 / 14 concession

60 mins


Rachael Young and her badass band of superhumans embrace Afrofuturism and the cult of Grace Jones in NIGHTCLUBBING – an explosive new performance bringing visceral live music and intergalactic visions to start a revolution.  

1981: Grace Jones releases her landmark album ‘Nightclubbing’; her body is brown and soft.

2015: Three women are refused entry into a London nightclub; their bodies are brown and soft.

Grace Jones; a dark skinned, androgynous, Jamaican woman, transcending societal norms to become an international superstar. Then later, three young black women, discriminated against and excluded, their bodies branded; undesirable.

WE are those women, we zoom through galaxies and solar systems, travelling through time, preparing for our moment to land…IT’S NOW!

Women to the front, People of Colour to the front, LGBTQIA+ to the front!!!


Works-in-Progress | New Irish Voices | Scratch

Supported by Live Collision 

Various Artists (IRE)




€10/€8 concession



BITE SIZE // SCRATCH is a ‘curated’ fast and furious look at the current new blood / next generation artists who are making dynamic new work in Ireland.  Irish artists and companies have limited opportunities to scratch live work, and Irish audiences have limited opportunities to engage in live processes ahead of final works.  Live Collision audiences are critically engaged and BITE SIZE // SCRATCH will allow a unique space for audiences and artists to share.

Live Collision has curated a selection of companies to present.  Featured artists will include Emily (Aerialist and performance maker) , Matthew Bratko (Theatre Maker) and Chaos Factory (All female theatre company)- details of scratches to be announced.


DAY #3

Friday 26th April

Work-in-Progress | Theatre | New Irish Voices

Co-commissioned by Live Collision

Niamh McCann (IRE)

The Factory Line


Offsite location tbc


60 mins

Age Recommendation – all welcome

What they did back then? When? Then? The other place, the other world, the past.

I’m always fascinated by those days of old; gone, never to return. My parent’s era of living and becoming.  The working classes of the 1960’s who handed us the batten to then speak well and dream big.  They wanted my generation to get an education, a good education.  But what did they do to get us here?

This project is the exploration of women’s stories working in Dublin Factories in the 1960’s.  The women who left school at 13.  Girls who became women overnight; handed money up, made lifelong friendships, danced till they dropped, fell in love, found independence and contributed to the growing economy of Ireland in the 60’s. 

Inspired by verbatim interviews with women around Dublin who worked in varying factories during this period, the sharing will be an exploration of some of their voices and their stories.


Irish Premiere | Dance performance and live performance 

Ultimate Dancer (SE)

For now we see through a mirror, darkly 



€16 / 14 concession 

60 mins


This eerie and mystical dance performance has been created in collaboration and performed with Jo Hellier and Peter McMaster.  The performance includes a Visual Description developed in collaboration with Juliana Capes, which describes and interprets that which cannot be seen, but is present.  The description is an accessibility function for visually impaired audiences, but also functions to give access to understanding the abstract content for those who are sighted.

There are 3 obscured vertical figures; a blood sack, a towering meat stack (or stink horn) and a jelly beast.  This highly cryptic pictorial world can be placed under the slogan of its favourite motif – a smiling snake, a dying sun and the gentle droppings of unclean slime.  The terror of the situation gives us a moist hug and the most fabulous sphere of wrath, for it is here that the chaotic blood tunnel opens, and we visualise the golden nugget.  Evocation at its best, for now we see through a mirror, darkly.


Work-in-Progress | Theatre | New Irish Voices

Oisín McKenna (IRE)




€16 / 14 concession

40 mins


Oisín moved to London to pursue his dream of becoming socially mobile.  Now, he is having an existential crisis in a Pret A Manger toilet, trying to remember his mindfulness techniques.

Exploring the relationship between class, capitalism and health, ADMIN is about being poor, precarious, and lonely, and adding items to your Watched List on eBay in the hopes of feeling better.


DAY #4

Saturday 27th April

European Premiere | Artist Residency and research phase followed by durational alternative walking tour | Mentoring commission for migrant artists

Future Arts Centres UK commission, developed in collaboration with Live Collision, Dublin; ARC Stockton and Lincoln Drill Hall. Mentoring relationship for 12 months commissioned by Live Collision

Natasha Davis (UK/ born in Croatia )

Welcome Town


Begins and ends at Project Arts Centre

Free (book in advance or join the walk on route – details to be shared on

4 hours   

Age Recommendation?         

Welcome Town invites you on a personal walk with Natasha Davis, joined by local artists and migrants – mixing facts, performative episodes, recollections and fantasy into a conversation about resilient towns and their migrant identities.  How do distinct local histories merge with multiple characters of newcomers to Dublin?  Where do their memories meet? How can we sustain ourselves as individuals and a community in our current post-migrant realities? 

Following on Internal Terrains, the performance Natasha created with local participants for Live Collision International Festival 2013, the artist returns to Dublin with an alternative walking tour.  Conversations will blend intimate stories of comings and goings with anything that you, our audience and fellow walkers, bring with you. 

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