BeLonG To: Sharing the Learning – Strategic Plan 2019-2021

“When you support BeLonG To, you support the lost kid who isn’t ready to talk to their parents, but needs someone to listen”.

These were the words of Jay Pope, who spoke about his experience growing up trans at the launch of Sharing the Learning’ BeLonG To’s Strategic Plan 2019-2021 and Annual Report 2018.

Read the Strategic Plan HERE

The Ombudsman for Children, Dr Niall Muldoon launched the Plan, speaking about the pain and trauma young people can experience from keeping a secret, such as their sexuality or gender identity.

Flying a rainbow flag and celebrating Pride are good first steps, but LGBTI+ young people like Jay need more than this – they need a whole community approach to ensure they are are visible, valued, and fully included.

With your continued support over the next three years, BeLonG To’s work will focus on enabling Ireland to support, understand, and celebrate LGBTI+ young people, to live up to their full potential—free from exclusion, judgment, and discrimination.

They will  offer training and resources so that Ireland is a positive and welcoming space for young people like Jay to grow up LGBTI+.

Read the BeLonG To annual report HERE

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