Dublin Bears: Pride 2019 in June and already in the works – Béar Féile 2020!!!

Can you believe it? Those fearsome, fuzzy, fun-lovin’ Dublin Bears are already putting plans in place for Béar Féile 2020!!!

Yes, Ireland’s Biggest Bear Event is due to take place in 2020 from 26th to 29th March, ten years after the very first Béar Féile in 2010, when the Dublin Bears were just a little green, and were just trying to come up with an idea for a good weekend for all their bear friends!!

Now they have developed Béar Féile into a world class event, recognised as being in the top ten best Bear events in the world by Bear World Magazine!!

Some great achievement guys, and only the start of much bigger things, we’re sure.

And don’t forget, this year’s Dublin Bears’ Pride (2019) is on in June (28th and 29th)! Check out EILE’s post about it HERE

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