Video: New Zeropunkt Practice Tapes Film + Zeropunkt Fort Evil Fruit Reissue

The Practice Tapes, makers of bespoke music films capturing the vehemence and vitality of the European underground, have just released an intimate live performance of brand new material by Dublin free psychedelic improvisers, Zeropunkt.
The 27 minute film was recorded at Guerrilla Sounds Studios in Dublin, in November 2018, and features 4 improvised tracks. Two of these, “All Most Nothing” and “Apo Azar”, are set to feature on the future Zeropunkt album “Clap you hands say no”, projected for release sometime in 2020.
Other Zeropunkt projects afoot include a Fort Evil Fruit re-release of a newly re-mastered “2+2=4” sometime before the end of this year. This 30 minute recording was an extra limited edition from October 2016, and chronologically it is the band’s first recording as a trio.
Ian Chestnutt – Audio Recording,Mix & Master
Sean Zissou – Camera & Editing
David Knox – Camera
Zeropunkt are:
Fergus Cullen – sax, clarinet, keys, flutes
Damien Lennon – bass
Jamie Davis – drums, percussion
The Practice Tapes:
Fort Evil Fruit:

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