US: MommaWork Offers Free Breastfeeding Support To LGBTQ Families In July

US working parent support company, MommaWork, is offering free virtual breastfeeding support to LGBTQ families through July 31st, in honour of Pride Month. Interested parties can schedule their coaching session, by emailing and putting ‘LGBTQ’ in the email headline. 

Recently named by Forbes as “a company disrupting parenthood as we know it”, MommaWork provides coaching, lactation support programs, and legal expertise to help organisations retain their working parents, and ensure parents’ personal and professional success.

The company is also the only provider of corporate lactation support services in America able to ensure corporate compliance with local, state, and federal lactation accommodation laws. The company has been a passionate supporter of the LGBTQ community since its inception.

Founder and CEO Debi Yadegari states:

“We have always been a company that believes in judgement-free parenting advice. We support all breastfeeding parents, regardless of identity. Love is love, and family is family. We know that all parents need more support and we are here to support all working parents and all families”.

Yadegari is an attorney, breastfeeding expert, and lactation accommodation law specialist. She believes coaching is an essential component in helping new parents get a head start when building their family. She urges new parents to seek out this benefit stating:

“It’s so easy to team up with us. Simply email the MommaWork team at with ‘LGBTQ’ in the email headline. The team with work with you to schedule a session and get you started on a successful breastfeeding journey”.

Yadegari is offering this service for LGBTQ families through July.

MommaWork say they are committed to changing the corporate landscape for working parents. The company was founded by Yadegari, after her own struggle with a lack of support for working parents, while working as a Wall Street attorney. She left Wall Street and founded MommaWork, now working with companies everywhere to enhance their working parent experience.

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Who: MOMMAWORK and LGBTQ Families 

When: June and July 2019 

Where: Virtual Coaching Sessions

MOMMAWORK is committed to supporting the LGBTQ community

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