Listen: Star Power – MYOA

EILE’s music slot this morning features the wonderful singer-songwriter, Myoa, originally from West Africa, but now US-based, who has just released her great new single, Star Power. The neo-soul track has a very jazzy atmosphere, very reminiscent of Sade, and Myoa’s powerful voice soars over an exquisite laid-back instrumental, which would be perfect for late-night listening. Myoa, which means ‘God brings joy’, feels she has a special purpose in life – to create music and bring joy to her audience. 

“I was created to inspire and impact certain truths and to give joy to people who listen to my music. […] My voice and my music comes from God, and there’s no sense in trying to sing songs that don’t speak to me or reflect what’s in my soul.”

Currently residing in Houston, TX,  and quickly amassing a local following, Myoa performs live with her band at acclaimed venues, including The House of Blues and Fitzgeralds. We love the new track, see what you think!


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