Unicorns In Tech: Launch of world’s first LGBTQ tech app


UNICORNS IN TECH, the global LGBT+ Tech Community, has launched the world’s first tech app for LGBTQ people, as well as straight allies. It is a meeting place for LGBT+ tech talents who are interested in current technologies such as AI, Machine Learning or Big Data. The UNICORNS IN TECH community has so far 4,000 members who have also been invited to be part of the app.

The app is available free of charge in the App Stores, and as desktop version UNICORNS IN TECH. 200 users from different nations already registered for it.

They have the opportunity to network with each other, and find current tech events in their city. Members can use the platform free of charge in the app or in their browser on desktop. The app is primarily aimed at LGBTQ people as well as straight allies who are interested in Tech and IT.

The UNICORNS IN TECH community has so far 4,000 members who have also been invited to be part of the app. Among these are students, young professionals, entrepreneurs, and experts such as developers, software engineers, product owners or UX designers.

The community has created a network that brings LGBT+ tech talents into contact with businesses and investors. Additionally discussions about the latest technologies are encouraged, and the techies get the chance to exchange their personal skills, experiences and stories. They can do this through monthly Get-Togethers, which are organised nationwide in cooperation with tech companies since 2014.

“To bring this community even closer together, we’ve thought about developing an app for the tech talents. There, users will not only be able to exchange information about the latest technologies, but they will also be able to use them in a professional context. The demand for talent from the IT industry continues unabated. The VDI (Association of German Engineers) recently published alarming figures. For every 100 unemployed computer scientists, there are 557 vacancies. Therefore, in the near future, there will be a job exchange in the UNICORNS IN TECH App only for the tech sector”,

Stuart Cameron, CEO of the UHLALA Group and founder of UNICORNS IN TECH, proudly announces.

Currently, users have the opportunity to get in contact directly with each other, discuss on live feed and inform themselves about current tech events. The group function allows users to exchange information on specific topics such as product development or VR, or to get in touch with local LGBT+ technologies.

For the growing proportion of women in the tech sector, there is also a special group where they can exchange ideas. In September, UNICORNS IN TECH will present the Berlin LGBT+ Tech Week for the first time.

This will take place from 9th to 13th September 2019, in the German capital.

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Further information about the Berlin LGBT+ Tech Week available at:



UNICORNS IN TECH is a global LGBT+ tech community with over 4,000 members. The network, consisting of students, young professionals, entrepreneurs and experts, brings LGBT+ tech talents into contact with companies and investors. They can discuss the latest technologies and personal experiences, find new inspiration and start new projects. The UHLALA Group is a leading LGBT+ social business, with its brands and projects such as RAHM, STICKS & STONES, UNICORNS IN TECH or PANDA. Since 2009, the UHLALA Group stands for the networking, further education and empowerment of LGBT+ People in their working life, and connects them with LGBT+ friendly companies and organisations. The UHLALA Group’s goal is to reach equal chances and opportunities for LGBT+ People in the working world. http://www.uhlala.com

LGBT+ Business & Networking App: www.proudr.com

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