BeLonG To: LGBT Training for Mental Health Professionals

Mental Health Professionals: Would you like to learn how to support the mental health of LGBTI+ young people, and understand the current landscape of LGBTI+ young people’s mental health?

If you are a Mental Health Professional, BeLonG To  invite you to a series of free, one-day workshops on the topic of supporting LGBTI+ young people’s mental health.

Working in partnership with Jigsaw, this Autumn they will deliver a host of one-day workshops aimed at mental health professionals working with young people.

Growing up LGBTI+ can be challenging, particularly when someone is hiding their sexual or gender identity. Discovering and beginning to accept that identity is often associated with a sense of isolation, fear of rejection, and possible confusion.

Join them for a workshop to

  • develop knowledge of the language and terminology concerning LGBTI+ issues,
  • examine the impact of the social determinants of health on LGBTI+ young people’s mental health, and
  • learn practical strategies to help build the resilience of LGBTI+ young people.

Book Your Free Place Today:

Dublin, September 26th:

Limerick, October 10th:

Galway, October 16th:

Meath, October 30th:

Dublin 15, November 6th:

Donegal, November 20th:

BeLonG To hope you will join them in creating a world where LGBTI+ young people are valued, safe, and happy in their experiences.


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