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Welcome to the July/August 2019 issue of EILE Magazine!

We have a wide range of features for you this issue! Our music section features gay singer-songwriter, Tom Goss, US-based Amy Guess, Hawaiian all-girl band Crimson Apple, and West African singer-songwriter Myoa.

Lilian McCarthy writes about MTV’s latest show Come One Come All, an LGBTQ version of Are You The One?, which attempts to deal with sexual fluidity. Cork hosts the Pitched Circus Arts Festival, and Open House Design Festival. Hillsborough Castle has  launched a series of LGBTQ tours, and Frances Winston writes on film, Dublin’s recent Comic Con, and Kinky Boots. Brian Rochford tells men how to layer clothing to still look stylish in colder weather, and also writes about Health this issue. Lisa Reynolds retro-reviews the Mae West documentary, and Queen’s ‘Night at the Opera’.

Even more news, views and entertainment complete the issue, so find a quiet nook and enjoy reading our July/August 2019 edition of EILE Magazine!

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