Video: Rising Appalachia – Cuckoo

America’s World-Folk music group, Rising Appalachia, sisters Leah Song and Chloe Smith, have already had a career-defining year, and it’s not yet September.

Sisters Leah Song and Chloe Smith have led the band to new heights in 2019; releasing their much-anticipated LP, Leylines which was met with high praise from fans and critics alike. The band have just released the official video for the song, Cuckoo, via Billboard Magazine, who called the song a “perception changer” that “channels their southern roots.” Later next month, the band will showcase at AMERICANAFEST in Nashville, TN, before kicking off a two month Leylines release tour in Telluride, CO, on September 20.

Cuckoo is a traditional folk song that Leah and Chloe learned from their mother and her band The Rosin Sisters. This full band version highlights the connection between the many styles of music (Blues, West African, Irish) that blended together in Appalachia, while bringing it to a more modern and rhythmic arena. Enjoy!

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