Irish campaigners say Mike Pence’s visit is no cause for celebration

Mike Pence – Image: Washington Post

Lahinch-based campaigner, Ruairí McKiernan, says the arrival of US Vice President, Mike Pence, to County Clare is more a cause for concern than celebration. […]  

McKiernan, who is a founding member of the Uplift organisation and a former member of the Council of State, says we need to think twice before rolling out the red carpet for the US Vice President.

“Trump is very much in campaign mode at present and I’ve no doubt Pence’s Irish visit will be used for propaganda purposes, just as the recent visit to Doonbeg was. The Irish American vote is huge and these guys know the value of positive coverage. That’s why it’s important not to be complicit in supporting this regime in any shape or form. Pence’s views on LGBT rights, and his government’s record on the environment, women’s rights, and workers’ rights are dreadful”. […]

Bell Harbour-based poet, Sarah Clancy, agrees:

“One of Mike Pence’s election campaigns was based around opposing the idea of recognising that LGBTQ+ people like me needed specific protections under the law. This is not the same as a crank on the internet being homophobic. Mike Pence brings the stature and power of his office as Vice President of the United States to a type of unnecessary toxic hate. In doing so he legitimises attacks, abuse and the politics of loathing.” […]

While there are no large scale protests expected in Clare, groups including Amnesty International Ireland will protest the Mike Pence visit during his time in Dublin, where he is due to meet Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and President Michael D Higgins on Tuesday. 

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