Lyric Video: Kelsey Waldon – Sunday’s Children


On EILE’s Wednesday music slot today, we feature Kelsey Waldon, and her single, Sunday’s Children.

Waldon, who is no stranger to calling it as she sees it, writes songs that are honest observations of real-life, in the trenches issues. Small-town woes, prescription drug addiction, and all manners of heartbreak,  have been on Waldon’s chopping block.  Possibly Waldon’s most matter-of-fact, hitting close to home composition to date is Sunday’s Children. “Essentially, that tune was inspired by how I felt about people using religion and God in the name of hate,” Waldon has said.

“I grew up in the Southern Baptist church, and I was really discouraged to hear so many people instil fear in the hearts of people, that just because somebody isn’t like them, they would be afraid of this person.”

Sunday’s Children comes as the second single from White Noise/White Lines album. White Noise/White Lines will be released October 4th on John Prine’s Oh Boy Records.

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