Video: Fox & Bones – A Strange and Wondrous Place

EILE is delighted to feature the latest single from singing-songwriting duo, Fox & Bones. The track is called A Strange and Wondrous Place.

A very gentle ballad, this track voices what many of us have thought at various times, that life may be short, and we should stop and smell the roses, or appreciate the wonder of it all.  Below are some of their lyrics:

‘How long does this ride last? Is there really any difference between our future and our past? We’re going through changes, hell, everybody’s changing it seems. Well, you’ll never be the person you are, till you ditch the person you’ve been’.

The duo are Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore, who took a fictional approach to songwriting by using monikers. Fox is a down-an-out it girl, Bones is a rootless orphan bad boy, with a heart of gold. The two fall for each other, hit the road and never look back, mirroring what happened to Vitort and Gilmore in real life.

“The song was written before embarking on our 2019 US tour. It is a reflective piece focused on how society often incorrectly values the true worth of simply being alive,” Fox and Bones explain.

We really like it, and hope you do too. Enjoy! -MKB

“A Strange and Wondrous Place” is now available to stream and download.

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