Video: Wanna Share – Renay

Here at EILE Magazine, we really love this track! Rising artist, Renay, has just released an electro/pop single, Wanna Share.

Renay, who wrote her first song at 12 years-old, writes, produces, and records her own music. On this track, she sings about the importance of recognising your self-worth, and then being able to share your life with someone else. She has been compared to Sade, Gwen Stefani, and Massive Attack.

“‘Wanna Share’ is probably one of the most honest songs I’ve written in a while. It’s all about me finally being ready to fully open myself up to others without fear. It’s truly liberating”, she explains.

The song describes the feelings that come along with being able to share things with someone that you love, after realising the importance of putting yourself first. “It’s about being at peace with yourself, focusing on becoming your best, not compromising, and at the same time, being ready to share your love and your life.”

Wanna Share is now available to download and stream across all digital media platforms worldwide.


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