Video: Hawktail – “Annbjørg”

EILE is delighted to feature mostly instrumental band, Hawktail, in our music slot today.

Virtuoso musicians all, Hawktail, aka Brittany Haas – Fiddle, Paul Kowert – Bass, Jordan Tice – Guitar, Dominick Leslie – Mandolin, have just released their new single, Annbjørg.

Annbjørg is a dizzying, Scandinavian-tinged choose-your-own-adventure tune, a whirlwind of fiddle and bass interplay and impeccable, time-keeping groove of the guitar and mandolin.

“The tune in this video is a polyrhythmic romp that we wrote, inspired by one of our heroes of fiddling, Annbjørg Lien”.

This is a single from their new album, Formations, out January 10. Enjoy!



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