FGG: Hong Kong 2022 – Gay Games 11!

The Hong Kong Team delivered two sessions to update members on the progress of planning for Gay Games 11, one on the current situation in Hong Kong, and the other outlining the ongoing work of the Hong Kong team for the 2022 Gay Games.

The FGG and the attending members left Mexico feeling confident that the Gay Games in Hong Kong will be a sensational sports and cultural event, that will kickstart and foster LGBTQ+ connections among communities in the city and region. 

This will be the largest ever LGBTQ+ sports and cultural event ever held in Asia. 12,000 participants, 36 sports, and 20+ cultural events will take place over 9 days in November, 2022.

“Hong Kong is an opportunity to make a positive political statement by doing something that is fun and non-threatening, and which can change peoples’ perspectives of what it means to be LGBTQ+,” said Gene Dermody, a participant in all ten Gay Games. 

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