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Today EILE features Mari Sandvær Kreken and Tor Egil Kreken, better known as Norwegian folk duo, Darling West, and their latest single, Hey There. They have just announced a brand new full-length album, We’ll Never Know Unless We Try, to be released on February 7, 2020 via Jansen Records.
Tinges of Fleetwood Mac, or Jackson Browne, or The Byrds seep into the duo’s trademark Scandinavian folk sound, but always take a secondary role to the duo’s wildly unique arrangements, expansive harmonies, and never-leave-your-head melodies.
Darling West explains the origins of the track, Hey There:
“It’s not always easy to be inspired to write songs when everything feels good and you’re content. Usually, it all just comes out cheesy and it feels awkward. ‘Hey There’ came together in that kind of moment. We decided to put all fear of clichés aside, and just celebrate the beauty of the connection between two people, and true love as we know it.
“After two years of intense touring, and meeting tons of people, we are left with a feeling that there are many good forces at work in the world, even though the state of things can sometimes seem hopeless,” Mari and Tor Egil recall.
We’ll Never Know Unless We Try to be released on February 7, 2020 via Jansen Records.

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