LGBTQ Sports: Sin City Classic 2020

Image: Courtesy of FGG

The Greater Los Angeles Softball Association, (GLASA) hit the jackpot in 2008, with the inception of the Sin City Classic. It started off with a strong foundation, created by softball teams that came together, and has grown to be the largest annual LGBTQ, multiple sport’s event that occurs every January, on Martin Luther King Jr holiday. 

Over 25 different sports are offered, ranging from swimming to basketball, tennis, and ultimate frisbee, but also includes softball, cornhole, cheerleading, and more.

This four-day tournament attracts participants and spectators from all over the world, who come together to participate. They have supported Sin City Classic for the past 11 years, with abilities ranging from novice to expert.

Besides all of the sports offered, Sin City Classic gives participants and supporters the opportunity to network and connect every year.

It continues to be well organised, and supported by local hotels and businesses in Las Vegas every year with its growing numbers.

They are expecting 8,000 participants this year!

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to GLASA for organizing a well respected event and best of luck with this year’s Sin City Classic!

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