The Everyman: Deirdre And The Sons Of Usna – A Concert Performance

The Everyman and John O’Brien Present

DEIRDRE AND THE SONS OF USNA – A Concert Performance

The Everyman and John O’Brien are proud to present Deirdre and the Sons of Usna – An Opera Concert Performance at The Everyman on Tuesday 28 January. This new concert performance comes from the team that created The Nightingale and the Rose in 2018, which received a rapturous reception at its sold-out concert performance in 2016.

Deirdre and the Sons of Usna is a reworking of the tale often called ‘Deirdre of the Sorrows’, a heroine of Irish mythology. The myth is both a love story and a tragic tale, of a beautiful woman cursed even before she was born, her brave lover Naoise, and of their youthful rebellion for love in the face of corrupted power and treachery. The opera is set in Emain Macha, a place of myth and legend, and the historic seat of the [Kings of Ulster].

This ancient and noble love story is a timeless urgent warning about the dangers of tyranny.

With epic music, and soaring voices, the opera features Kim Sheehan as Deirdre; Majella Cullagh as Leabharcham, her foster mother; Ronald Samm as Conor Mac Nessa, the [King of Ulster]; Julian Tovey as Cathad, Conor’s Druid; Joe Corbett as Fergus, Conor’s Right Hand; and Simon Morgan, Viktor Priebe and Rory Dunne as the three sons of Usna (Naoise, Ainnle and Árdán). With special guests Liv Gregorio as Little Girl; and a Chorus of Warriors.

There are ambitions for a full production in 2021.

Tickets €30, Concession €28, and Students €15 are available from The Everyman Box Office, phone 021 4501673, or online at

Tuesday 28 January, 8pm
€30 | Concession €28 | Students €15

Music: John O’Brien

Libretto: Éadaoin O’Donoghue

Piano: Ciara Moroney

Percussion: Alex Petcu


Deirdre: Kim Sheehan

Leabharcham (her fostermother, healer, good witch): Majella Cullagh

Conor Mac Nessa (High King of Ulster): Ronald Samm

Fergus Mac Roth (Conor’s right hand): Joe Corbett

Cathad (Conor’s Druid): Julian Tovey

Naoise (son of Usna, the hero): Simon Morgan

Ainnle (son of Usna, the poet singer): Viktor Priebe

Árdán (son of Usna, the strong silent one): Owen Gilhooly

Girl (a local child who later becomes the Morrigan in Deirdre’s dream): Liv Gregorio

Piano: Ciara Moroney

Percussion: Alex Petcu

Chorus of warriors and locals

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