LGBTQ singer Paul Middleton – ‘Someone Like You’ (Adele cover)

Singer Paul Middleton

LGBTQ singer and mental health activist, Paul Middleton, has recently released a compelling new version of Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’, where his vocal emotes vulnerability, while soaring confidently over cool house vibes and guitar riffs.

Paul gives us his thoughts on mental health and going forward in 2020:

“The New Year can be daunting. There is pressure to make these huge resolutions and when you can’t achieve them, your mental health can take a knock. It is important to stop putting so much pressure on yourself”.

Officially play-listed by Spotify, the handsome singer reflects on his own battles in mental health, which tend to come with each New Year:

“I think we all need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves. Forget what everyone else is doing, and concentrate on a speed that is comfortable for you and only you”.

(You can check out the single here:

Paul has never been a fan of any New Year, where he feels he has to think about the things he didn’t accomplish.

“I have this overwhelming feeling I have to have a better year than the previous. This year, I am trying to set a goal and take small steps to achieve them and be more aware of things I can improve on.”

Paul continues:

“I love my community and my mates, but I see this pressure on social media to be this or do this and if you don’t do this you are not worthy, or are missing out. Everyone needs to be aware of self-care, and focus on what is best for them, by making healthy choices. Learn what is right for you and only you, and be realistic for your own goals.”

Looking ahead, this will be Paul’s busiest year yet, with lots of projects in the pipeline. Paul will be doing his ‘Intimate’ tour around Europe, starting with a much-anticipated live performance at the Bear Carnival in Gran Canaria, on March 21.

Paul also sings for the benefit of others less fortunate than himself, and has recently performed at Bar Broadway in Brighton, for Mental Health charity, Men Talk Health.

He now intends to focus on writing his much-anticipated first original album, which, with his compassion and willingness to help people, can only see him grow as a person and a performer.

You can watch his promo lyric video at:

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