Irish Trans Couple – TRAS Documentary TG4

Irish transgender couple, Victoria and Max – Image: Midas Productions

An Irish transgender couple, Victoria and Max, are featured in a new documentary, TRAS, by Midas Productions Tabú, TG4, at 9.30pm, 26th February 2020, on TG4.

It was produced by Ann Ní Chíobháin, and directed by Medb Johnstone.

TRAS is the story of young Irish transgender couple, (both 21-years-old) Max and Victoria, the obstacles they face, and the challenges they undertake, as they forge their own identities.

Since its implementation in 2015, the Gender Recognition Act gives legal gender recognition to any adult in the country. Although hundreds of people have changed their gender since then, the transgender community are one of the most vulnerable, and most marginalised, people in Irish society.

On 10 January 2019, Leitrim native, Max Ó Floinn, was officially declared to be the man he knows he is. A name change by deed poll, and a new passport, now confirm his gender legally.

Since then, he has been working towards top surgery. On 25th July, Max underwent a double mastectomy in Poland. This was his first time flying with his new passport, and his last steps on Irish soil in that body.

It has taken 20 years of living in the wrong body, and 3 years of painfully binding his chest everyday, for Max to get to this point.

21-year-old Victoria has been out as a Transgender woman, since just before sitting her Leaving Cert in her hometown of Cavan. Max was the first person she told. They have been in a relationship for 3 years now, having first met through Irish college.

Over 6 months, this film follows Max and Victoria from Sligo and Cavan to Warsaw and back again. Throughout this immersive film, Max and Victoria give a frank and honest insight into the challenges they face as Transgender people in Ireland today.

Covering topics such as gender dysphoria, coming out, mental health difficulties, family acceptance, and gender confirmation surgery, TRAS is a love story, a tale of two personal intertwining journeys, told by those whose voice is rarely heard in Irish society.

TRAS – Wednesday 26th February, TG4, at 9.30pm

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