The W’ALL: Biggest crowdsourced art project since AIDS quilt

Looking for something a little more creative than chocolates and flowers this year for a Valentine’s Day gift?

An art studio out of Texas might have just the thing. The W’ALL, a project based out Austin, is teaming up with musicians, celebrities, and visual artists, to create the largest crowd-sourced piece of art for social good since the AIDS Quilt, and is looking for help from folks like you.

Every other month, the W’ALL picks a new cause and group of non-profits to support. For February, what Wakefield is calling “the month of love,” all donations go to LGBTQ charities like [GLAAD], SAGE, and The Trevor Project.

“We firmly believe love is love, no matter who you are or who you love. We want to cover the wall in lyrics about equality, self love, and positivity throughout February,” said Wakefield.

That’s right, you can still say “I’m Yours” while passing on the stuffed teddy bear or fancy dinner, by submitting a lyric in honour of your lover this Valentine’s day.

April, meanwhile, will highlight non-profits focused on environmental protection.

The W’ALL team is currently accepting submissions of uplifting, beautiful, or personally significant song lyrics from people all over the world, to adorn a sprawling art wall and sculptural installation of wood, vinyl, metal, and rope.

“We are reclaiming the idea of a wall,” said Tim Wakefield, artist leading the project.

“Not as divisive, but as unifying and strong. The project aims to avoid the thinking of me vs. you, us vs. y’all. Instead we’re focusing on ‘w’all,’ or ‘we all,’ to build something powerful together.”

Anyone can go to The W’ALL’s website and submit their favourite song lyric, to be added to the growing installation. To promote the piece and source lyrics, the project is partnering with some big names – Panic! At the Disco’s Brendon Urie and Julien Baker-  to encourage submissions.*

But the project extends beyond creation of art. Though it is free to send in a lyric, fans are encouraged to add a donation with their submission, which is forwarded on to one of several social justice-focused charities, for which the W’ALL is fundraising.

“We have two goals. First, we want to partner with musicians to activate their fan bases to financially support critically important organizations” says Jeremy Klitzman, GM of the project.

“But on a more macro scale, we want to highlight that, despite how it may feel in the current political environment, there’s still much that binds us all together. Art, and especially music, is something we all can appreciate and rally behind in times of darkness.”

The project is an offshoot of Soundwaves Art Foundation, a leading music philanthropy foundation and art studio, that has worked with over 200 world-famous musicians, including Elton John, Coldplay, and Dolly Parton, to generate nearly $2.5 million dollars in donations to social justice causes.

“The W’ALL seeks to be a one-of-a-kind melding of philanthropy, public art and music fandom that is ever-evolving to create unique experiences,” says Wakefield, who also runs Soundwaves Art Foundation.

“By giving musicians a platform to galvanize their fans to support social causes, we hope to raise support in the forms of direct financial contributions and increased awareness to the discussion of social issues.”

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