LGBT-themed Short Film At Pinewood Liftoff Sessions

Maxine (Shahrbanou Nilou) (on the right) in a gaming arcade with her date

Gay, London-based indie filmmaker, Lexy Anderson, will premiere her LGBT-themed short film at the Pinewood Liftoff Global Network Sessions 2020 today Sunday (February 16th).

Her independently made film, entitled ‘Kill: Norwood’ follows ‘overprotective parents, Jonathan and Nancy, attempting to pry their game-obsessed daughter, Maxine, away from the screen and back to reality by hiring an online assassin.’

The film will premiere in Round 1 of the competition at 10:00PM (GMT Time) where for one week it will be fighting for a top spot to progress through to the next round; a screening at Pinewood, London itself.

The film will be viewable on Vimeo on Demand, where every view, comment, and like counts towards the film being selected.

You can find out more about the film on its IMDB page, or watch the teaser trailer at the Vimeo link below.

If you’re interested in seeing the film, then head over to Vimeo and search Liftoff Global Network Sessions 2020, after 10.00PM on Sunday, February 16th, where you can watch ‘Kill: Norwood’ as well as all the other selected films in the competition.

The results of Round 1 will be released later this month, and the official winners of the Pinewood Screening will follow.

Kill Norwood (IMDB):

Kill Norwood (Festival Teaser Trailer):

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