Toronto-based artist depicts drag-queen Donnarama

Toronto-based visual artist, Lorette C. Luzajic, who works in collage and mixed media, has created a recent series of art, inspired by, and in collaboration with, a drag queen named Donnarama.

These artworks are from a series of 50 squares inspired by Lorette’s muse, the legendary drag performer, Donnarama. They worked in collaboration to present her performances together with these mixed media works.

“Donnarama is an extraordinary artist”, Lorette says.

“While she does classic gay icons like Barbra Streisand and Madonna perfectly, she is best known for her unpredictable and unexpected outfits. Donnarama creates her own clothes and props from second-hand finds, and Styrofoam or cardboard that she cuts and paints herself. She has no limits, and dresses up as everything from Frida Kahlo to a dandelion to the Energizer Bunny”.

Donnarama also performs regularly in Toronto and environs gay club circuit, and at special events like Pride or the opening of Madonna’s gym. She is also known for her activism for AIDS and against homophobia.

“Donnarama performed at the art parties I hosted earlier in my career, when we were both starting out. For our twentieth anniversary from those days, we wanted to create a special series commemorating our creative connection”.

The whole art series can be viewed here:

Lorette’s work is collected and exhibited internationally, has won a $5000 award from Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, and has been used in ad campaign for Madrid-based diamond and jewellery company, Carrera y Carrera. She has also represented Canada at an international contemporary art symposium in Tunisia, North Africa.


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