Out Now! Jan/Feb 2020 Issue of EILE Magazine – FREE!

Welcome to the January/ February 2020 issue of EILE Magazine!

Weatherwise, it hasn’t turned out to be a great New Year, and the Coronavirus hasn’t helped, but when you see what EILE has in store for you, you’ll cheer up no end! Musicwise, we feature Nico Grund, Ventresca, Hawktail, and a Supergrass review by Frances Winston.We also have two amazing Art features for you, with Adrian Cox’s Into The Spirit Garden, and Lorette painting drag queen, Donnarama. Frances Winston reviews some great films, and Shaley Howard asks ‘where are all the butches?’Brian Rochford ponders men’s fashions for 2020, and also writes our health article, and we also have travel features on Sri Lanka, Ski-ing, and the US West Coast…..So….. Grab a latte, put your feet up, and browse EILE Magazine’s Jan/Feb 2020 edition! Enjoy!

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About EILE Magazine

The new LGBT magazine; available online, for download and on podcast. It's time for another view.
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