Video: Payson Lewis – Making Trouble

The frenetic energy in Philadelphia native, Payson Lewis’s music is what we, at EILE, feel really marks him out as exceptional. His latest track, Making Trouble, is just what the doctor ordered –  think Red Hot Chilli Peppers ‘Can’t Stop’ and you’ve some idea what you’re in for! 

Singing of meeting that particular someone who is hard to say no to, even when it to your own detriment, will strike a chord with many listeners, but Payson will still have you dancing around to the music and shouting the lyrics! Enjoy!


The track is produced by Ben Soladate, with Rob Humphreys (drums), Alex Balderson (bass) and Erik Carlson (guitar). Accompanying vocals from Ryan Alvarez, Rachel Bearer, Allie Feder, Nick Garcia, Mike Hoy, David Rakita and Devyn Rush.

Now on all digital music platforms worldwide

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