BeLonG To: Queerantine Bingo – Round 2!

Didn’t get a chance to claim the Queerantine Bingo throne last week? Or maybe you swept the floor, and you’re looking to keep your winning streak going?

Don’t worry, either way BeLonG To have got you covered.

The people have spoken, and BelonG To  are bringing you another glorious night of virtual Queerantine Bingo this Saturday evening. They’ve even added on another round, so you’ll get to play two whole games.

Katherine Lynch will be your incredible host, and it’s guaranteed to be a night of good laughs and community spirit. All funds raised will go towards supporting BeLonG To’s work with LGBTI+ young people.

Book your place today for Queerantine Bingo, taking place at 8pm on Saturday, April 25th. Each card is €10 and there are prizes for the winning teams. 

While many aspects of our lives have come to a halt during this pandemic, crises for LGBTI+ young people certainly have not. Many of them feel far-removed from their support networks and chosen family, and are stuck isolating in homes with family members who don’t accept them for who they are.

BeLonG To are continuing to offer support to LGBTI+ youth, through their digital Youth Work, and are there when they are needed the most.

Queerantine Bingo nights are a way for you to help BeLong To continue their life-saving work, while also filling your evening with laughter and community.

Register here, and a URL and virtual bingo card will be sent out via email in advance of the event. 

Registration will close at 5pm on Saturday.

BeLonG To hope to see you there, ready to win, in support of their services.

Register at:


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