(UPDATE: Rescheduled) Irish Eurovision Nostalgia Extravaganza

Link: Irish Eurovision Nostalgia Extravaganza 

Update: This has now been rescheduled for later in the week according to their Facebook page.

(Please note: Changed from 16th to 17th)

Click on the link above, and tune in at 8pm this evening, Sunday, 17th, for the Irish Eurovision Nostalgia Extravaganza – a PPE fundraiser.

You can’t have Eurovision this year, but that’s no reason why you can’t enjoy Eurovision memories. Especially Irish ones. Because Ireland RULES that contest, and some of our best and brightest have been responsible for many of its iconic tracks. So for your entertainment and delight, Irish Eurovision Nostalgia Extravaganza have brought many of them together, to share their Eurovision anecdotes, their personal experiences of the contest, and maybe even a song. Artists appearing include: Mickey Joe Harte, Donna McCaul, Phil Coulter, Marc Roberts, Eamonn Toal, The Swarbriggs, Niamh Kavanagh, Kim Jackson, Dana, Secret Garden and many more.

With exclusive greetings, music and memories, this promises to be a fabulous warm-up to your full on Eurovision party. The purpose – well to raise money for PPE of course.

There will be a link where you can donate towards PPE for Ireland’s frontline COVID 19 workers, and you can enjoy yourself while supporting a very good cause.  The GoFundMe link is now live at:


All clips are exclusive and recorded especially for this Eurovision show. Enjoy!

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