LGBTI Documentary: Sidney & Friends – 
Now Available on Amazon Prime Video & Lockdown Film Club

SIDNEY & FRIENDS is now available on Amazon Prime Video, after more than 100 screenings in 28 countries, and winning 13 Best Documentary Awards (plus 11 additional nominations). Also available on UN Lockdown Film Club, see below.

The film tells the story of Sidney, who is intersex. When his family tries to kill him, Sidney flees to Nairobi, where he meets a group of transgender friends. Together, they fight discrimination, and discover life, love, and self-worth.

This film runs just over one hour and uses interviews, black and white still photography and a stunning musical score to allow its tale to slowly unfold. The subjects are frequently reduced to tears as they share their histories and emotions. Many viewers will be, as well.

Following its World Premiere at the prestigious BFI Flare: London’s LGBTQ+ Festival (on March 22, 2018), feature documentary SIDNEY & FRIENDS went on a two-year-long international film festival tour.
Directed by Tristan Aitchison (the writer/director behind the award-winning 2014 short film, CARE), SIDNEY & FRIENDS, shot entirely in Kenya, has been called “one of the most impacting and breathtaking reflections of intersex and trans life.” (Intersex UK)
SIDNEY & FRIENDS’ award wins include: the Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at NewFest: New York’s LGBTQ Film Festival (presented by HBO); Best Documentary at the Transgender Film Festival in Germany; Best Film at the Madrid Film and Human Rights Festival; and Best Documentary at the OMOVIES Film Festival in Italy.
Additionally, SIDNEY & FRIENDS’ award nominations for Best Documentary include: the United Nation’s IOM Global Migration Film Festival; the Lili Award at MIX Copenhagen LGBTQ+ Film Festival; Sole Luna Doc Film Festival in Italy; TWIST Seattle Queer Film Festival; and a Best Film Score nomination at New York’s Independent Music Awards.
SIDNEY & FRIENDS is now available on Amazon Prime Video. Its original soundtrack, by composer Paul Terry, is out now on all music platforms.
The United Nations’ International Organization for Migration has chosen SIDNEY & FRIENDS to be the featured film in their Lockdown Film Club. This means that anyone, anywhere in the world, can watch the film for free (until May 27):

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