BeLonG To: The Day We Said ‘Yes’

Can you recall those feelings of anticipation, excitement, fear, and hope, five years ago, as the nation went to the polling stations, to vote on Marriage Equality?

Can you also remember that magical feeling when 62% of Ireland said YES!

Moninne Griffith, of BeLonG To, says she “will never forget that moment, and many special moments during the campaign.

One of these moments was when Former President of Ireland, Dr Mary McAleese, joined the BeLonG To YES campaign, and voiced her support for a Yes vote”.

Yesterday Dr McAleese showed her continued allyship and support in an op-ed in The Irish Times, highlighting that Marriage Equality did not solve all problems for the LGBTI+ community. Dr McAleese talks about the hostile attitudes and behaviour that still make the lives of LGBT+ youths a misery.

The 62 per cent Yes vote was a good start, a big step into that future. It offered the LGBT+ community a firm sense of acceptance and gave LGBT+ young people the freedom to dream about a future untroubled by past attitudes and inequalities. The hope it generated cannot be underestimated, but it left work to be done to make it real.”

Through their life-saving services, BeLonG To strive to create an Ireland that is truly safe and equal for LGBTI+ young people. This would not be possible without your support, and BeLonG To cannot thank you enough.

Mary McAleese: Marriage equality did not end rampant homophobia

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